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Concept Plan….Final Draft completed

November 8, 2014

The final draft of the Salmonberry Corridor Concept plan is completed and ready for your review.

Salmonberry_Final_Draft Concept Plan

Thanks for everyone’s participation with the planning effort, we could not have gotten the plan to here without your assistance.  We have had thousands of comments and almost 30,000 views of the blog during the planning process.

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  1. Michael Drais permalink
    November 10, 2014 1:42 am

    I just received the Final Plan through BBQ and do have a few remarks. Recognizing it is toward the end of the process and that a multitude of interested parties have worked and commented on the current plan, my observations will likely not be well received. I have ridden the current limited railroad and often wondered why the communities cannot restore and support this historic function? In many respects, railroad use would accomplish much of what the proposed recreational use would accomplish…perhaps more to the communities along the way because public use would be greater. The user group would be different, of course…changed from the limited interest groups of recreationists, cyclists and hikers to the public at large. But you know, there are many of us that would use and love restored rail transport through this beautiful corridor just as much as the more primal recreationing public. That includes my 96 year old mother, who was raised for a time on the Oregon coast and travelled the original route…or people like myself who are a bit older, and with prosthetics can’t cycle and hike as we once used to…or maybe our grand kids who love the limited current rail use, but don’t have the time or stamina to hike/bike the corridor. I am well aware of the difficulty and conflicts between preserving the Salmonberry system and rail use. But I suspect with ingenuity and funds, both rail and river/fish could coexist in a balance harmony that would adequately preserve both.

    A long paragraph with dissenting ideas that no doubt will not travel far. But many people such as myself no doubt also cherish this system…and will be largely excluded by the well intended, but limited, proposal in the final draft.

    • thomas kraker permalink
      March 25, 2015 12:48 pm

      I’m 100% with you Michael.

  2. Jack Mulder permalink
    March 10, 2015 7:31 am

    Michael, it’s interesting to hear your perspective about the preservation of the railroad opening access up to the public at large, and the recreational trail catering to a limited group of people. My perspective is the different, that the creation of the trail opens up the Salmonberry to the public, and a rail-only option limits the use to the operators of the railroad and anyone who wants to pay to ride the railroad on its limited schedule.

    I don’t know that these two different viewpoints will ever be fully reconciled, but the great thing is that with the current concept plan, both uses are served on the western portion of the rail line. On the eastern half, where there is significant damage that would be very difficult, costly, and high impact to the environment to repair, only the trail will be available.

    The co-location of the rails and trail within the western half of the right-of-way is a win-win in the Concept Plan, an approach that it is my hope we can continue to take as we pursue this project.

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